August 20, 2014


I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who has come out to support me today. It doesn’t change what I did, but it does mean a lot to know that people are willing to believe me when I say this whole thing was one big mistake, and that I’m truly remorseful.

However, and MOST importantly: I


I love your work but I won’t be following it or recommending it anymore. This is the policy I keep when artists I admire choose to do stupid things like send unwanted photos to women. It’s tough, but I can’t support someone like that. While I understand your explanation for your actions, please realize that your intentions mean NOTHING to the person on the receiving end. They cannot read your mind.

You have gotten a lot of support. But you should be thinking about where that support is coming from. From what I’ve read, it is almost exclusively coming from men. Also from what I’ve read, many women avoid you because of your behavior and warn other women to do the same. After your admission of guilt, I am obviously more inclined to believe the women involved.

You have a lot of work to do in terms of reevaluating how you act as a “26-year old bachelor” and earning people’s trust back. So, take some time to yourself, accept that you fucked up, and then talk to people about how you can be a better human.

I would like to be a fan again, someday.

August 19, 2014

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August 13, 2014



This is my new favorite thing.



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August 7, 2014

Craft and Care by Colin Miller
Twitter: @visualvibs

This looks nice but NOBODY here calls it “PGH, Penna.” This isn’t fucking “Phila.”


Craft and Care by Colin Miller

Twitter: @visualvibs

This looks nice but NOBODY here calls it “PGH, Penna.” This isn’t fucking “Phila.”

August 6, 2014


Various “Map of the Introvert’s Heart” items now available at Society6.

Use this link for free shipping -

A must for me at some point

August 6, 2014
If the NBA let me change the names of all their teams, based entirely on the first thing I think of for each given city, this is what that would look like:


Atlanta Stripclubs

Boston Colleges

Brooklyn Bloggers

Charlotte Banks

Chicago Buildings

Cleveland LeBrons

Dallas Grassy Knolls

Denver Dispensaries

Detroit Squalor

Golden State Bridges

Houston Humidity

Indiana Mellencamps

LA Screenplays

LA Priuses

Memphis Ribs



August 5, 2014
Reblog if you’re bored and want random anons.


¿¿¿sure, I guess???

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August 3, 2014


Hi guys! Important announcement!

Now that I graduated from school and have more time on my hands to devote to my webcomic, I’ll now be updating twice a week instead of once a week.  Comics will be uploaded on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Woo! See you Wednesday!


August 2, 2014


Finally the [interviews] with Malkin were over. The interpreter Katya started telling Zhenya his schedule for the rest of the day. When she mentioned the fact that after the [YoungStars] game she would immediately go to the locker room, Malkin lost it, “What locker room? We are all…


July 17, 2014


Ms Marvel #6

I love that this is a real comic and that I got to draw it. And I love that tumblr has uploaded THE ENTIRE ISSUE as photosets. But mostly I love drawing grumpy li’l Wolverines.

Jake Wyatt is perfect, man. Well, I guess this whole set is perfect, too.

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